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Current Version:

This is in Alpha and should be treated as such. There currently are no help files available (they will be coming soon) and there are bugs that will be resolved. Please use the Issue Tracker: to log bugs and features requests.

PoshAsyncJob is a PowerShell PSjobs (Start-Job, Receive-Job, etc...) alternative which allows the use of Runspace Pools to run scriptblocks in the background while leaving the console (or ISE) free for use. Unlike using PSJobs, the runspace jobs do not utilize a new process which means less overhead is being used to run commands in the background and quicker performance as well.


Another key feature is the use of runspace pools which can provide throttling of running commands. You can easily run 100 commands in the runspace job, but only the limit that you set will be running at a single time. So if you have a throttle set to 10, only 10 commands will be running at a time. Once one has finished, another will begin running.

Current Available Commands: (Names will be changing to Noun: RSJob in the future)
  • Start-AsyncJob
  • Stop-AsyncJob
  • Receive-AsyncJob
  • Remove-AsyncJob
  • Get-AsyncJob

Examples of using this module can be found on the Documentation Page:

More commands are expected as well as various bug fixes. Feedback always welcomed!

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